Elsa And The Night.

Elsa And The Night.


Elsa and the Night is a beautiful Swedish picture book that tells the story of an extraordinary friendship. Vividly illustrated and heart-warming, it is a lovely addition to the Little Gestalten range.

In a very poetic way, Elsa and the Night tells the story of an extraordinary friendship. Can one make friends with the night? How, may you ask, could someone even meet the night? Well, one day Elsa is sitting at her kitchen table and, because she is bored, counting the raisins in her cereal. She then suddenly hears a sound coming from under the sofa. When she investigates and catches the thing making the noise, she realises that it's neither an animal nor a ghost. It's the night. 

Because Elsa winds up hiding the night in her cookie jar—and giving it a few of her raisins—the day outside doesn’t end. When she takes the night out of its hiding place, it has the chance to hear her talk about her adventures with her friend, an elephant named Olaf. Elsa tells the night that she is very sad because Olaf got sick and no ­medicine was able to help him. The night not only listens to Elsa, but also accompanies her on a heartwarming and moving journey where it cares for her, protects her, and finally carries her through the town in its arms.

  • Hardcover
  • Author: Jons Mellgren
  • Publisher: Die Gestalten Verlag
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