With Love From Africa Print By EggPicnic.

With Love From Africa Print By EggPicnic.


This giclée print is hand signed on true museum grade fine art paper with a lifespan rating of over 75 years. 

Designed and made locally in Sydney by EggPicnic.

  • Dimensions – 28.6cm x 20.8cm

From left to right: Addax (critically endangered)*, Red ruffed lemur (endangered)*, Painted hunting dog (endangered)*, Mountain gorilla (endangered)*, Rondo dwarf galago (critically endangered)*, Ethiopian wolf (endangered)*.

Africa is a continent that is rapidly changing and growing. Unfortunately, people are threatening Africa’s natural habitats and biodiversity—many without fully realising the consequences. As Africa’s land, rivers, and forests continue to disappear, habitat loss has become one of the greatest threats to wildlife. Ecosystems can change drastically from human activities like agriculture, natural resource exploration, and industrial developments such as pipelines, housing, and roads. Wildlife is displaced and this can lead to extinction. But this is not the only issue. The poaching of wildlife is rising and illegal wildlife trafficking is believed to be the world’s fourth most valuable illicit commerce. The world is dealing with an unprecedented spike in illegal wildlife trade, threatening to overturn decades of conservation gains.

*Status according to The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

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