Clumsy Hans Trivet By Spring Copenhagen.

Clumsy Hans Trivet By Spring Copenhagen.


Clumsy Hans is a design piece and also a unique wooden object that can vary in shape and expression. Created by Danish designer - Nis Hauge, who creates wooden sculptures, wooden toys and functional items for everyday use and inspiration.  

The idea behind Clumsy Hans is to create a functional, recognisable product, which also serves as a playful sculpture on the dining table and elsewhere in the home.

Each piece can be placed in countless forms by bending the carefully crafted wood along the sturdy black band holding it together. A timeless wooden designer object fit for all interiors.  Also fun to play with! 

Nis is known for creating functional and recognisable products in wood. He is a real old school danish craftsman that knows everything about wood and complex production. 

Delight in his latest creation – Clumsy Hans.

  • 20cm H x 9cm W
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