Softest kidswear ever.
— Kira Kids.

California children’s clothing brand - Kira, has found the sweet spot between what we as parents like to put on our kids, and what our kids like to put on themselves.

The graphics are silly and cool enough to be loved by kids, but not so cool as to lose the innocence of youth.The entire collection is made in the USA using non toxic dyes, water based inks and certified organic cottons.

The mix of rich and modern colours with super soft luxurious cotton tells they’re clearly made with the comfort of playtime, bike rides and nap time in mind.

The founder inspired entirely by infants and children, namely her nephews Ethan and Evan. Kira Kids had humble beginnings in 2010, when its clothing line consisted solely of a line of customised screen printed tees. The use of soft fabrics, cool colours and clever graphics soon catalysed a huge growth and cult following. 

Translating to "leader of the people" in Russian, Kira believes that kids are the leaders of the future. With no inhibitions, the world is their playground.