It’s doesn’t get any cuter or softer.
— Organic Zoo.

Founded by Paulina Krzywosinska in 2010, her passion was to design and create organic baby wear, incorporating simple and minimalistic designs related to culture, art and nature. Boasting a unique style of neutral and unisex tones, Organic Zoo doesn't provoke or rebel but rather invite's play and stimulation.

Why Organic Cotton? Because it's better for our planet, it’s softer and kinder to your baby's skin with no allergenic, or toxic substances, and organic cotton farmers get a much better price for their crop, so they can live a happier life.

Why Organic ZOO? Because it's a range of joyful designs that will make your small people smile.

With 100% organic fabrication and a contemporary spirit that will melt your heart, Organic Zoo is full with simple and wearable collections that are incredibly soft, comfortable, functional and never lacking character.