Never say ‘i could have done that’ because you didn’t.
— Karim Rashid

My Corner Pantry was created to help you celebrate those you love, and like a-lot, with quality and ethically made products, emphasising on substance and style. Compromise no more.

Each individual product has been selected based on my personal style, things l love or have given as gifts. 

You can celebrate each product on it's own, pick a few to complement one another, or simply select one of the limited edition curated boxes l have carefully put together for you.

An idea dreamed years ago, but newly realised thanks to the inquisitive and curious mind of my 4 year old son, Luca. 

Asked innocently one day - What did l want to be when l grow up? 

Such a question wouldn't normally create such an emotional response, but l was four months pregnant and my life was now filled with an unexpected sense of wonder about the future (not to mention severe nausea and other pregnancy-related delights).

With notebook in hand, Agnes well on her way and Luca keeping me on my toes, l started a conversation with my husband that night and we haven't looked back.

I hope you find something you love. Thanks for stopping by. 

A x