Clothes for Cool Kids.
— Tao & Friends.

Enter Mimmi and Selina. These two lovely ladies wanted to create a brand that offers great quality, organic cotton clothing which is cool, comfy, amusing and entertaining for the kids all at the same time. Both parents and children will love the cool and comfy clothing, that will inspire your child’s imagination and encourage brilliant storytelling.

Bringing you high quality pieces for both children and babies that are made from 100% organic and super soft cotton, printed with entertaining cartoon animals, making them interesting and eye-catching.

Kids is the main source of inspiration for Tao & Friends, even letting their own little ones be part of the development process of the brand. They get to choose their favourite animals, colours and cuts.

The brand’s philosophy allows parents to make responsible choices when buying clothing for their kids. For every single item sold, the team at Tao & Friends will donate €1 to a chosen children’s charity. There are many children in need around the world, and their aim is to introduce a new charity every year.

Mimmi and Selina hope to expand their charity contributions by growing their brand, and by choosing Tao & Friends clothing, you will become part of their amazing cause.